How To Unlock


Our remote IMEI unlocking service is easy and fast. Follow the steps below to request your free mobile unlock code. 


STEP 1: Select Phone Manufacturer

Start the unlocking process by selecting the manufacturer of your mobile phone. 

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Step One

STEP 2: Fill out Free unlock request form

Enter the information on the FREE mobile unlocking request form then SEND REQUEST.

Mobile Phone Model

Country [The location where your Mobile Phone was first purchase.]

Network [The network carrier your Mobile Phone is lock on.]

IMEI Number [Dial *#06* on your Mobile Phone. The IMEI number will display on screen.]

Response E-Mail [The email address where you will received your FREE Mobile Unlock code and Instructions]

Step 2: Mobile Unlocking Process

STEP 3: Share to unlock

Copy the link and share it on any social network. 

Step 3: Mobile Unlocking Process


STEP 4: Share with Preview

Wait for the preview with the image then hit post.

Step 4: Mobile Unlocking Process